Being Confident – Ways You Can Overcome Shyness

4Confidence has many advantages in life. Confident people earn better wages and get more promotions. They have more luck asking people out and starting romantic relationships. They have an easier time making friends. Most of us wish we could be more confident, but don’t know how to make it happen.

Becoming more confident involves two important things: building confidence and demonstrating confidence. Actually becoming more confident is hard, of course. There are many approaches to confidence building and all approaches don’t work for all people. Try a few different approaches to see how they make you feel. If they aren’t for you, don’t worry. It can be a while before you find the right method for you.

When it comes to demonstrating confidence, however, most people agree on what behaviors are the signs of confidence. Demonstrating these confident behaviors can help you as you work on the more internal aspects. That may sound backwards, but it’s true that acting confident can help make you feel more confident just as being confident can make you act more confident. In other words, acting in a way that confident people act can help you move toward confidence. For your inquiries about being confident just see

What do confident people do? The way that you stand and hold yourself is one key marker of confidence. Confidence is often manifested as standing straighter. This doesn’t mean being rigid. Aim more for an “at ease” posture than standing at attention.

People will also judge your confidence level based on what you do with your eyes. When you’re feeling shy or meek, you tend to look at the floor, not straight ahead like confident people. When confident people talk to others, they make eye contact instead of looking away or down. It may sound silly, but try talking to yourself in the mirror, or ask a friend to help you, to practice making eye contact for the right amount of time. For more info on self confidence, just follow the link.

How you speak also conveys confidence. This doesn’t mean you should yell or speak loudly, although you do need to speak loud enough to be heard. Instead of yelling, try speaking more slowly and with better diction, to make your words clearer not louder. Also, try to purge the word “um” from your vocabulary, as it can make you should nervous.

The last bit of advice is to try to have more fun. When you’re actively engaged in, and enjoying, something, you aren’t thinking about how you come across or what other people think of you right then. When you go out, don’t think about how people are looking at you or what they might be thinking. Instead, concentrate on having a good time doing whatever it is you went out to do. When you’re actively engaged in an activity, you’re not worrying about other things and that makes you both look and feel confident. Follow the link and go there to know more about self confidence.

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